Tristone.  The words hygienic, durable, solid slab all come to mind but does that inspire, probably not. And yet Tristone is all of this and so much more. As a great looking, elegant, contemporary option, Tristone with its wide range of colours and at a competitive price is a formidable contender for your luxury kitchen. This practical Tristone solid worktop will meet all your design needs no matter the context.  Whether your home is historical, state of the art or a simple new build Tristone may just be the solution you are looking for. The juxtaposition of this hygienic work surface with its composite mix of acrylic stabilisers and resin will  provide you with  a fantastic non toxic solution to  meeting  your cooking and kitchen needs for years to come. Requiring minimal maintenance, ideal  for bespoke additions to tables or complete islands , your Tristone worktop can be fitted easily. Seamless joins and upstands will provide good solutions to making that kitchen you’ve always wanted.