Durasein a relative newcomer to the kitchen worktop scene, offers fantastic value as a sound solid surface worktop with excellent design capabilities. Not to be compared with lesser quality surfaces, the layers of Durasein  kitchen worktops are approximately one third resin and natural pigments, with two thirds aluminium trihydrate. This means the colour is consistent all the way through, meaning seamless joins and matching sinks. 

In laymans terms Durasein provides  a marvelous water repellant surface with a  fire resistant compound.  Durasein also  has the added bonus of a  guarantee for at least ten  years.   You will be able to prepare your food hygienically, knowing that the inert qualities are used as a suitable substrate in commercial food preparation areas, as well as your kitchen at home. In a funky range of colours with strong primary pigments and subtle scandi tones, Durasein is a prime contendor to use in the design of your kitchen.